Survey Questionnaire

    Sliced Oxtails- 1lb packages- easier to use for Oxtail soup
    Kidneys- 1lb packages
    Rocky Mountain Oysters- sliced and battered in 1lb packages (ready for fryer of oven)
    Drop the Mexican Chorizo links- Create a 1lb package of bulk raw chorizo
    Super Food product idea if there is interest. Should we make a Super Paleo Bison Burger with Organ Meats? (recommended by David A. from Nevada). There are a number of doctors recommending that the US population is short on organ meat consumption in their diet and missing out on vital nutrients. So, I could make a special mix of Bison Meat, Hearts, Livers, Tongues and Kidneys. It would probably have about 25% to 40% organ meats in it. I am polling several doctors for their opinions on the mix percentages. This would be an extremely nutrient-dense, vitamin and mineral enhanced ground bison product. I would start with one lb. packages and then offer premade burgers in the future if it is successful. RRR would be the very first company in the entire US to offer this type of Super Paleo Bison Burger.