Cooking, grilling and videos!

Never cooked Bison?  That’s what we are here for.

We are working with Chef Jason to create videos for you about Bison meat.

Bison Prime Rib Roast

Let Chef Jason walk you through the steps of making a Bison Prime Rib roast for any event.  It is all about the internal temperature, so make sure you have a meat thermometer handy.

Click here for the printed instructions.

Cooking Back Ribs

oven, charcoal grill or pellet grill

Have you always wanted to cook backribs but weren’t sure how? In this video Chef Jason walks you through cooking Bison back ribs at home – indoors or outdoors.

Click here for Back Rib recipes

Reverse Searing

A Restaurant Trick

The art of reverse searing is something restaurants have used forever.  By bringing the entire steak or tri-tip roast to a consistent temperature throughout and then searing the outside you will get the degree of doneness you love.  Watch the video and see Chef Jason perform magic.

Click here for reverse searing instructions

Reheating & Menu Ideas

Fully Cooked Bison Items

Rock River Bison offers fully cooked pastrami, smoked brisket and corned brisket products.  Chef Jason talks about the items and gives you great ideas on reheating and serving.

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Bison Fried Steak

And other variations

Have you ever thought – what do I do with cubed steak?  Well, Chicken Fried Bison Steak or Schnitzel or Salisbury?  Chef Jason gives you some tricks of the trade for all of these.

Click here for Bison Fried Steak

Click here for Bison Schnitzel

Click here for Bison Salisbury Steak


Braised Buffalo Short Ribs with Sage Polenta

Want to show off your cooking skills with this fall recipe?  Braising bison meat is an easy way to let the flavors meld together in the oven.  When they are done, take the cooking liquid and make an amazing sauce.

Short Ribs are one of the “secret menu items” that can be ordered by requesting them in the special instructions box on the order form.


Click here for the full recipe.