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New Packaging, Box Sizes & Product Updates

April 15th, 2020

Updates 4-15-20

We have changed some of the packaging styles of our products and have down-sized some of the box sizes. We have down sized boxes for several reasons. 1. Sticker shock to some customers. 2. Boxes fit better in the shipping coolers. 3. We can take care of more customer’s orders faster.

Packaging Changes – The Southwest Green Chili Sausage links are now offered in 1# packages on a per package basis instead of a full 10# box. The burgers are now vacuum packaged in 1# packages.

Smaller Boxes – The burgers are now offered in 6 lbs. boxes. The cubed steaks and 6 oz top sirloins are in 7.5 lbs. boxes (20 count). The 12 oz NY striploin steaks are in a 6 lbs. box (8 count) and the 14 oz ribeye steaks are in a 7 lbs. box (8 count).

Half Boxes – For those that want smaller item counts the Burgers and the Steaks may be ordered in half box increments. (just enter .5 on the order form for quantity).

Burger Shapes – If you haven’t noticed the ¼ lbs. burgers are round, the 1/3 lbs. burgers are square, and the ½ lbs burgers are oval. We use different shapes in the restaurants so the chefs/cooks know which one is the Bison Burger on the grill. Here if you order 2 different size (small for the kids and large for the adults) you will know which burger is which size. Just something different from RRR.

Product Labeling – We are working towards having all individual packages labeled so you know which steak is which item. Filets and top sirloins can look similar.

Vacuum Packaging – All items should be vacuum packaged now. They should last at least a year in this type of packaging and not freezer burn unless there is a hole in the package.


All of these changes have already taken placed and are also reflected in the new order form that was activated on 4-15-20.


New Items in the Works – This is a teaser to see who is reading my new blog. The following items are in the product development stages or are going into production by late April or early May. 2 oz fully cooked meatballs (2 – 6 packs), Pastrami made from eye of round, and a new 1# of stew meat.

Tender Tips and Tails – Tender tips are probably not coming back. They are a secondary product only made after the 8 oz filets are made. We had over a year’s worth of product in the freezer when we started the direct to consumer business model. As we make more 8 oz filets we will try to fill some of the original orders with 1 package per customer to spread them out. My crystal ball didn’t foresee their popularity.

Bison Roasts – roasts will be available on a limited basis. Again we are using up surplus frozen inventories. As we do each harvest they will go back live on the order form when available.