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Steaks, Roasts & More

Rock River Bison provides a variety of roasts, steaks and ground product.  We also have many value-added products for you – from pastrami to Italian sausage.  And Rex likes to think up new items too.  He posted a picture of fully-cooked bison meatballs on Facebook and people loved it.

Steaks and Roasts
We offer the basic steaks of ribeye, NY striploin and tenderloin as well as tri-tip and chuck roasts.

Value-added Bison
If you are a sausage fan we have raw Italian sausage as well as links including SW Green Chili, Mexican Chorizo, North African Merguez and Jumbo Hot Polish.  Not into sausage – how about a fully cooked corned brisket, smoked brisket or black pastrami for some amazing sandwiches.

Ingredients and Allergens
Click here for our product ingredient list and allergen statement.
For a copy of the spices and sauces labels with ingredients and allergens, Click here.

Locker Style Bison • Quarters, Halves & Whole 

Locker style processing plants in Colorado are booked out 12-18 months.  Rock River Bison has come up with a solution.  Based on the items offered we have built a very close equivalent of a Bison quarter, half or whole cut up (including organ meats & bones). 

You will receive a volume discount on each option. A quarter receives a 5% discount and halves and wholes receive a 7.5% discount.  Click on the sample list of products in a Quarter, Half or Whole.

Quarter – $1,342.66  (127 pounds) Includes Discount
Includes 2 shipping coolers and 20 pounds of dry ice; you pay UPS fees 

Half – $2,521.87 (243 pounds) Includes Discount
Includes 4 shipping coolers and 40 pounds of dry ice; you pay UPS fees 

Whole – sample specs coming soon 

 If there are certain items you do not want they can be taken out and traded for other equivalent priced dollar amount.  Minimum dollar thresholds are Quarter – $1,250; Half – $2,500; Whole – $5,000 after discount applied.  Please work directly with Rex on what your order should look like unless you want to buy exactly what is on the sample listing. 

Organ Meats

Rock River Ranches works with various large bison producers and has access to large volumes of Bison organ meats, hearts, livers, tongues and kidneys as well as various bones. Bones include various marrow bones, cartilage and soft/hard bones.

Customers have asked for smaller packages of the hearts and livers, so we have modified our packaging.  You can now order individually vacuum packaged whole hearts (random weight).  Liver is now packaged in one pound packages of liver slices and chunks.



Hides / Leathers

Rock River Ranches has a supply of hair-on bison robes/hides, leather, skulls, horn caps and more. Click here to see what is available.

Ever wonder where Bison cuts come from?  This chart shows you.  On any animal, the muscles that are used for locomotion are less tender than support muscles.  Quite simply, they do more work.  

The chuck and the round are the locomotion areas.  For that reason some of these areas are put into ground bison.  The are also leaner cuts because they do the work.

The rib and loin (short loin and sirloin) areas a support muscles that run along the back.  They are more tender and where most steaks come from.

Rock River Bison does not sell all the cuts on this chart.  Some are made into ground bison, put in sausages or sold to restaurants.